Creating a better working environment with our SmartPick

​In 2016 FIPROS purchased a SmartPick, a robotic system that picks up bags from up to 5 different pallets, opens and empties them into big bags.

One major benefit of our SmartPick is, that de-bagging your product into big bags can improve your work environment by easing the workflow considerably. It can help to protect your employees by eliminating heavy lifting and decreasing their direct contact with the raw material and thus the exposure to dust. This benefits both, the wellbeing of your employees and the hygiene level of your product.

A further advantage is the possibility to sieve the material before it is being filled into the big-bag. We have 1 – 5 mm sieves available, enabling the sieving of raw materials according to your needs. Also, in the case of an emergency, our de-bagging and sieving service offers help. Are you experiencing unexpected impurities in your product? Was there a contamination that now needs to be remedied? Our SmartPick helps you solve your problems by sieving out any contaminants. Quickly.

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​​FIPROS (Food Industry PROcessing Services) er lønproducent af fødevareingredienser og detailpakkede fødevarer. Vores kernekompetence er proces know-how, og vi har en passion for at tilpasse vores produktionsflow til individuelle ønsker og behov.​

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